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What is Gypsum lightweight partition board

wallpapers News 2021-04-09
Definition of Gypsum Lightweight Partition Board
Gypsum lightweight partition wallboard is a lightweight building gypsum product made of building gypsum, mixed with water, and cast. Fiber, perlite, cement, river sand, fly ash, slag, etc. are allowed to be added in the production, with sufficient mechanical strength.
Features of Gypsum Lightweight Partition Board
1. No cracking, which solves the common problem of easy cracking of light slats in ordinary buildings
The dry shrinkage value of the new gypsum wallboard is only 0.24mm/m (while the dry shrinkage value of cement wall materials is generally around 0.8). At the same time, the new type of gypsum wallboard uses modern composite material shrinkage compensation installation technology to solve the problem of the wallboard problem of shrinkage and cracking after installation. The new type of gypsum wallboard (GEB) has a low thermal conductivity, which is about 20% of the thermal conductivity of cement concrete products and 25% of clay bricks. It has a good thermal insulation effect.
 二, fire prevention, safety, comfort
In addition to the excellent properties of sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproofing, and lightweight, the new gypsum wall panel has excellent fire resistance. The fire resistance limit can reach more than 3.5 hours, reaching the first-class firewall standard of high-rise buildings. When the air humidity is high, the microporous structure of the gypsum can automatically absorb the moisture in the air; when the air humidity is low and dry, the free water in the microporous structure of the gypsum can easily evaporate to adjust the indoor air humidity. This is repeated Circulation, automatically adjust the indoor humidity, improve the comfort of the human body.
   3. Ecological and healthy wall materials
  1. The room using the new gypsum wallboard has superior functions such as fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, anti-static, and anti-electromagnetic wave radiation.
2. Gypsum as wall material is not only green building material but also a kind of medicinal material. It has anti-virus and sterilization effects. The room using environmentally friendly and high-strength gypsum wallboard can effectively inhibit the survival and spread of bacteria, which is beneficial to people's health.
3. Wall panels can be recycled after being discarded for several years. After being crushed and calcined, they are reproduced into environmentally friendly and high-strength gypsum wall panels, which will not pollute the environment due to abandonment. It is comprehensive recycling of resources in the true sense.
   Four, a good economy
   1. The new gypsum wallboard is light in weight, reduces the overall load of the building, and significantly reduces the construction cost.
   2. The new gypsum wallboard increases the occupant's use area. According to calculations, the use of 90mm wallboard in a room of 100 square meters increases the indoor use area by 5 square meters compared to 240mm solid clay bricks.
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