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Where are rolling bearings used

wallpapers News 2021-03-09
Rolling shaft wheel generalization
Rolling bearing is the sliding friction between the running shaft and shaft seat into rolling friction, so as to reduce the friction loss of a kind of precision mechanical components.
Rolling Bearings can be divided into:
1. Deep groove ball bearings
2. Needle roller bearings
3. Angular contact bearings
Characteristics of rolling bearing
In the processing of bearing parts, a large number of special equipment for bearing are used. Such as steel ball processing using grinding machine, grinding machine and other equipment. The characteristics of specialization are also reflected in the production of bearing parts, such as steel ball companies specializing in the production of steel balls, micro bearing factories specializing in the production of micro bearings.
2. Advanced
Due to the mass scale requirements of bearing production, it is possible to use advanced machine tools, tooling and technology. Such as CNC machine tools, three jaw floating chuck and protective atmosphere heat treatment.
3. The automation
The specialization of bearing production provides the conditions for its production automation. In the production of a large number of automatic, semi-automatic special and non-special machine tools, and the production of automatic line gradually spread application. Such as heat treatment automatic line and assembly automatic line.

Status and function
Rolling bearings are widely used in various fields of national economy and national defense as an important mechanical base parts.

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