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What are the bearing loads?What categories does it fall into?

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The Bearing Loads

Bearings in use are to support the rotating shaft, the shaft may be radial or axial load, these loads will act on the bearing, such as the helical gear shaft on the reducer, in the process of transmission there will be axial load, then the bearing will be axial load. Load size The load size is usually the deciding factor in selecting the bearing size. The bearing capacity of roller bearings is larger than that of ball bearings with the same outline size. Usually, ball bearings are suitable for light or medium loads, and roller bearings are suitable for heavy loads.

Rated Static Load

Long-term bearing experience shows that when the total plastic deformation (the plastic deformation of the raceway plus the plastic deformation of the raceway) is less than 1/10000 of the diameter of the raceway, it has little influence on the normal operation of the imported bearing. The static bearing capacity determined under this plastic deformation condition is called the rated static load and is generally expressed by C0.

The nominal static load is determined under the assumed load conditions. The nominal static load is radial load, the nominal radial thrust bearing (angular contact ball bearing) is the radial component of the load carried by the half-ring raceway in the bearing, and the nominal axial load is the central axial load.

Bearing Axial Load

Deep groove ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing can be used for pure radial load. The pure axial load can choose thrust ball bearing and thrust cylindrical roller bearing. Angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings are generally used when there are both radial and axial loads (combined loads). If the radial load is larger and the axial load is smaller, the bearing professional Can choose the deep groove ball bearing and inner and outer ring with the edge of the cylindrical roller bearing. If at the same time there is a large deformation of the shaft or shell and the installation of the neutral difference, you can choose the self-aligning ball bearing, self-aligning roller bearing. If the axial load is large and the radial load is small, the thrust angular contact ball bearing can be selected. If the four-point contact ball bearing also requires the self-aligning performance, the thrust self-aligning roller bearing can be selected.

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