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Characteristics of CA and CC Spherical Roller Bearings

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Spherical roller bearings have two rows of spherical rollers, and the outer ring has a standard spherical raceway, which has excellent self-aligning performance. The bearings can still be used frequently when the shaft is bent or installed with different centers. A load of this type of bearing Large capacity, in addition to carrying radial loads, bearings can also withstand axial loads in both directions, has excellent impact resistance, generally speaking, the working speed of spherical roller bearings is allowed to be lower, with other bearings Unbalanced performance.
Spherical roller bearings
This characteristic determines that spherical roller bearings can be applied to some occasions where the working environment is weak, especially at the two ends of the heavy-duty long shaft. This can avoid the impact of misalignment on the bearing operation caused by the bending of the beam. It does not have the characteristics, and it is used in the sector of steel rolling, mining machinery, crusher, gearbox, steel conveying, reducer, tension roller of rolling mill, etc. At present, the two major structures of CA and CC are most widely used.
The CA and CC type two significant structures are mainly distinguished by whether the inner ring has a rib, and the cage is a car-made entity or a stamped frame type.
CA type: One-piece brass machined cage, without inner ribs on the inner ring, two small bones on the end face, rollers are symmetrical.
CC type: The roller is symmetrical, the inner ring has no middle ribs, and there is no end rib, the cage is split, the material is a stamped steel frame cage, and the movable intermediate ring is designed between the roller and the roller, Its effect can effectively reduce the internal friction of the bearing, can effectively assist the rolling element in the non-loaded area to enter the load area correctly, and also increase the limit speed of the bearing.
Therefore, in the field of application, due to the cage of the CA structure, under the condition that the external dimensions of the bearing are limited, it takes up more internal space, which limits the external dimensions and number of rolling elements to a certain extent, thereby reducing the further bearing. The CC structure should be used more under heavy-load and high-speed working conditions to increase the possibility of its radial load-bearing capacity.
Compared with the CA structure, the self-aligning roller bearing of the CC structure has a more significant increase in the tensile strength of the cage. At the same time, because the CC structure design occupies less internal space of the bearing than the CA structure design, it is used to increase the rolling The number of bodies. The change of the external dimensions of the rolling elements can improve the radial bearing capacity of the bearing to a certain extent, so it can withstand a higher axial bearing capacity than the CA structure design.

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